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We use our experience and processes to build leading companies from the ground up.


We scale your business with our knowledge, our network and experience.


We accelerate the growth of your startup - dynamically and innovatively.

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how we work

Growth and development is a team matter and only possible through daily input and output.

We Accelerate your Growth

We invest in companies by providing an operational, strategic and consulting advantage to the company so that it can position itself and establish itself in the market.
This regularly means that we contribute our operational experience as entrepreneurs, lawyers and specialists, as well as our network in the areas of services, marketing, influencers, employees and capital. We work closely together on a regular basis to increase your company's success in terms of execution speed, scope and likelihood of success.
We are also happy to found your company with you, or implement your idea and build your team and your business model. To this end, we are constantly recruiting founders and managers in a variety of industries and regions.
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our Focus markets

We learn and teach from the best books. We have passion and experience from our (for instance athletic) backgrounds, as well as founding and advising startups.

our portfolio

our talent pool

This is where we communicate high-class jobs our startups are searching driven, talented people for.


Read interesting articles where you learn about useful tips to navigate the legal system as a founder or company.



Daniel Donhauser
October 30, 2019
In this article, you will learn how to found a company. Experienced lawyer Daniel Donhauser show you the ins and outs.



Daniel Donhauser
October 30, 2019
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