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Digital Incorporation

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Venture Capital

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Document Cloud

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We provide legal-tech solutions for Founders and Venture Capitalists to setup or fund quickly


We give you advice -
as your virtual law department


We stand by your side -
with best knowledge of your business


We feel your needs -
acting with pay per use & fixed prices


We Advance Progress…

Our lawyering style is fighting together - negotiating, and working on the frontlines by your side - with you and your team. Thus, you can grow faster and easier without structural errors.
LawUp not only specializes in a specific area of law, but in those areas that are relevant for holistic advice to start-ups and young companies.


We Are Your Co-Fighter

Whether in person in your office, by email, skype or phone: We support you wherever possible, from and to entrepreneurs. We understand your needs - because we feel them too.
This creates a collaboration, in which your employees can contact LawUp independently at any time, while we understand your business model deeper, to ensure the best possible legal advice.


No compromise: Law Firm Quality for Startups

  • Knowledge of the business model like a co-founder
  • Calculable and affordable like an employed lawyer
  • Additional "manpower" like an employee
  • As entrepreneurial as an accelerator
  • As legally secure as a law firm
  • Frontline Experience like no other, therefore we are both: virtual legal department and Co-Fighters

Legal-tech Plattform

for digital incorporation, Venture Capital and legal documents

Corporate Law

We support your daily work as a shareholder, MD or board member in the exercise of your rights & duties, preparation of corporate docs, invitation and holding of shareholders’ meetings and preparation of legal opinions.

Venture Financing

We advise on financing or carry out your financing rounds. We support you with the necessary contracts (e.g. bridge financing and convertible loan), as well as negotiating skills.

Labour Law Contracts

We draft employment contracts and (virtual-) stock option plans, hire your employees, support or conduct contract negotiations and provide strategic advice on labour law.

ICOs, Crypto, Blockchain

We advise and accompany your issuance of token and prepare legal opinions.

Data & Privacy

We provide advice on data protection and prepare the necessary documents. We also provide strategic advice on the implementation of your business.

Commercial Contracts

We draft your contracts or advise you on all aspects of your product or service in terms of trade, distribution, manufacturing and compliance.

Advances at a Glance

Time saving

  • Employees or departments can contact us directly
  • We draft your contracts and check external ones
  • Your employees have more time for their tasks

Cost saving

  • For little need: hourly fees
  • For more requirements: Lidding via flatrate
  • Always available for questions without paying extra

Safe growth


  • For financing rounds and all business
  • Our experience in frontline work will help you
  • We can be your sparring partner discussing strategies
Venture Program

We care about your journey.

Our startup program focuses on entrepreneurs and young companies in the post-seed phase. However, we have also developed a venture program for early-stage bets in large markets with a superior product or service. Our services are primarily aimed at clients from the innovative tech and crypto sectors, as well as digital health, consumer goods, food, nutrition and sports.

We support you with our expertise, advice and business know-how. You benefit from our contacts, resulting in synergies.

Want to be part of our venture-program? Apply with your pitch deck!
Legal tech

Digital Incorporation

We are developing a legal tech application that allows founders to start up simply on their smartphone and get all the relevant information via an app to advise and support startups with the implementation of their business model and all relevant legal matters.

Our mission is to digitize incorporations, advance progress of digital legal advice and legal tech, as far as supporting the development of blockchain and AI.

More details coming soon!
Enroll for beta testing:



Growth and development is a team matter and only possible through daily input and output.

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Core Team

Daniel Donhauser

Venture Capital, Corporate & Capital Market Law, Labour Law, Privacy-Protection, Medical Law,
LifeSciences, Health, Crypto, Tech- Industries
Nathalie Brychcy

Corporate & Capital Market Law, Venture Capital, Labour Law, Compliance,

Nutrition, Commercial, Social-Media
Maria Petrat
(Legal-tech Counsel)

Corporate & Capital Market Law, Contract Law, Legal-Tech

Palle Klewitz

Tech Consultant
Caterina Baumgartner

Strategy & Venture Development
Daniel Donhauser

Venture Capital, Corporate & Capital Market Law, Labour Law, Privacy Protection,
Health, Nutrition, Tech
Maria Petrat
Capital Market, Corporate, Legal-Tech
Nathalie Brychcy
Corporate & Capital Market Law
Nutrition, Social Media, Commercial
Palle Klewitz
Caterina Baumgartner
Strategy & Venture Development
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